03 July 2007

...Speech with the miror...

When I jump and run and feel like kids
I wanna catch the sun and play with it in fields
I wanna reach the stars, however far they are
I wanna draw flowers, flowers of many colors
I feel strangely glad even without knowing a reason
I can’t see anything bad like it was the happiness season
I feel simply free with no limits in my mind
There’s no one but me and everything left behind!!

If you want to feel like me, to see the world as I see
Go back with your memory and remember your best moments
Open up your dictionary and search for the word “enjoyment”
You’ll realize that you have wasted a lot of your time
Trying to be someone as I am trying to make a rhyme
Stop thinking now! Try to make any single move
You don’t have to change anything, you have nothing to prove
Just be as you are, do what your heart tells
You’ll find yourself then, you’ll vanquish life’s spells
You’ll get what you need when you follow your instincts
You’ll enjoy every moment, you’ll appreciate all the things
Just look to the world with a more simple point of view
Take it easier, cause you’ll always know what to do….

...Point of view...

Life is so random
People are so rude
Love is so unfair
Minds are so limited
Views are so selfish
Kids are so pure
Forgiveness is so noble
Trust is so risky
Luck is so fake,
Cause GOD is so fair
Crazy moments are so free
Warmth is so calmfull
Happiness is so reachable
Illusions are so true
Loneliness is so distructive
Hope is so endless
Anger is so mindless
Weakness is so power giving
Death is so freaky
Nature is so inspiring
Mistery is so attractive
Incidents are so repeated

...That girl...

She never speaks,
She never tells
She always seeks,
She always thinks.

Her mind is kept busy
by every little thing.
Her fears’ ve become crazy,
What life will bring.

She is so lonely
Though her many friends.
Inside her only,
Knows that she pretends.

Her sense of humor,
Her fake smiling eyes,
Are just like rumors;
Sound true, aren’t but lies.

With her logical opinion
And her concept of life,
She can help anyone,
Except helping herself.

Her tears are held,
Her pain is kept inside.
Her secrets are never told,
Unreachable what’s in her mind.

She is so simple, so lovely,
A person who you’ll like to know.
She has the greatest mistery
Which gives her eyes their glow.

The perfect one to meet,
The hardest to understand.
She is wild; so sweet,
But hard to keep in hand.

She is a symbol of confusion,
A strange unexplained sadness.
You’ll never get a conclusion,
Of her wize madness.

...Dark Moments...

Am I alive? Is that true?
I can’t imagine what I’m going through
I don’t understand even what I’m thinking about
I feel trapped in circles and I wanna get out
I’m terribly lost…I’m terribly confused
Am I right? Or am I the one accused?
Lots of thoughts in my mind, but it’s hard to speak up
I don’t wanna go on that way but I just can’t stop
Being silent doesn’t mean that I don’t need help
I’m staring at you people, won’t you make any step?!

All the hope I used to have is now consumed
All the happiness I wished has become only assumed
I need to stay alone in a closed dark place
Without any voice, any breath, any face
I wanna feel my internal peace again
I wanna find the cure to my endless pain
If that was a nightmare, won’t it come to an end?
Cause I am feeling bad to the fullest extent
I feel weak and cold like I was bleeding to death
I can’t take it anymore, I hope the end will be close.

I don’t wanna run away, I don’t wanna hide
I’m just afraid, I’ve lost my guide
My mind is blocked, my heart is blind

Please GOD help me and stay by my side!!!!

...Somewhere high...

When I am somewhere,
somewhere high,
high from where I can see,
see a lot of people,
people who are different,
I see different faces,
different ends..
I feel a strange feeling,
I judge the whole life like I wasn't a part of it,
like I wasn't in it,
in somewhere else,
in somewhere high....


Feeling happy: is the most beautiful one.
Feeling sad: is the most common one.
Feeling proud: is the most rare one.
Feeling love: is the most important one.
Feeling weak: is the most painful one.
Feeling others: is the most sweet one.
Feeling yourself: is the most difficult one.
Feeling alone: is the most killer one.
Feeling beauty: is the most joyful one.
Feeling free: is the most crazy one....

...One great experiment...

Lay on the grass then look at the stars,
and try to feel how wonderful they are.
Imagine: this view what could it mean?
It could mean a lot if it was well seen.
Search for 3 stars making a straight line,
Make them yours though they are mine.
Keep them as friends and they are indeed,
For you that may have no sense or may be weird

Trust me, and make them symbols of 3 important things for you,
wishes, goals, anything you really wanna do.
They’ll remind you of these 3 things that u don't wanna let go
So you’ll always see well your way and don't just go with the flow.

Believe me they are useful much more than you see,
any three shining stars can show you how to be.
When you look at them make them unforgotable,
by seeing them every night, all your dreams will be possible.
Don't ask for reasons cause it's so clear,
stars are not like us; they are always there.
They know well what to do, they keep shining every night,
while we are confused and always loose our sight...